Zoning, Tax Key Zones and Lava Hazard Zones

4 Aug

There has been some confusion expressed over the difference between the various items labeled as “zones”.

On the MLS Data Sheet, under “Zoning”, this is the County of Hawaii Land use zone.  It looks like this: RS-7.5.  The letters stand for the land use designation; RS=residential, A=agricultural.  Then there are various commercial designations like CV, commercial-village, etc. But most of us need only concern ourselves with Res and Ag.  The numbers are the minimum square footage or minimum acreage of land.  RS-7.5 means residential, minimum land area 7,500sq.ft..  RS-10 is residential, minimum land area 10,000sq.ft..  RS-.5 would be residential, minimum land area half an acre.  A-20A means agricultural, minimum land area 20 acres.  Likewise, A-1A is agricultural, minimum land area one acre.  There is one unusual designation: RA, residential agricultural.  It combines some of the aspects of both designations.  Only half acre and one acre lots are ever given this designation.  What is allowed in the various land use designations can be found at this County website: http://www.hawaiicounty.gov/lb-countycode/#countycode  Scroll down to Chapter 25.

Another group of areas that are designated with the word “zone” are the tax key zones.  The word doesn’t appear on the MLS Data Sheet, but under Taxkey, the second number is the zone.  3-7-4-4-32. The first number (3) is the number for the Island of Hawaii.  You can read the complete explanation for Taxkey zones (including a map) at this link to my website:  http://www.konarealestateagent.com/map.htm  In a nutshell, the island is divided into 9 zones.  Each zone is divided into nine sections (the third number).  The first two numbers of every address on the island are the zone & section numbers followed by a dash and the street address (74-5905 Old Palani Road).

The next group of areas designated with the word “zone” are the Lava Hazard Zones; also numbered 1 through 9.  Zone one is the most likely to experience lava hazards, Zone 9 the least likely.  These do not appear on the MLS data sheet, and the only way to find which zone a particular property is in, is to send me the MLS#, Taxkey or address of the property.  I can generate a map that shows which LHZ it’s in and email it to you.  You can read the complete explanation of the Lava Hazard Zones (with a map) at this link on my website: http://www.konarealestateagent.com/volcanic.htm