Why Choose Harry Pritikin?

Why Choose HARRY M. PRITIKIN to be your real estate agent?

I can take the worry out of any type of property purchase on the Big Island of Hawaii

My Professional Expertise:
  • Assisting first time home buyer
  • Obtaining financing
  • Owner financing
  • VA financing
  • 203K financing
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Chain of title
  • Bishop leasehold
  • Use permits
  • Building permits
  • Ohana permits
  • Agricultural zoning
  • Contractor relationships
My Personal Experience:
  • Investor
  • Owner/builder
  • Fixer-upper
  • Remodel
  • Oceanfront
  • Difficult acquisition
  • Solar systems

My pledge…

First time home buyer, investor, owner builder, fixer upper, remodel, oceanfront, difficult property acquisition. I confronted and solved problems in all these categories as a private investor even before I became a Real Estate Agent and I can do the same for you!

My past experience has proven invaluable in helping my clients with their property purchases. My experience began in California when I purchased my first home in 1969. I remodeled and sold that home in 1971 and purchased a home built in 1931 on 25 acres in Ashland Oregon. I spent 7 years fixing up that home and sold it for 5 times what I bought it for and moved to Hawaii in 1978.

Since moving to Hawaii I have bought and resold an acre of oceanfront, a three acre lot on which I built a home and sold it, a 2.5 acre lot that had no legal access which I sold to my lawyer:-) and four homes that I remodeled and re-sold. My more unique experiences during my 26 years in Hawaii include buying a home that had never had building permits and getting the permits after the fact; Buying an oceanfront acre that had breaks in the chain of title, quieting the title (a 10 year project) and procuring a conservation district use permit from the state of Hawaii (a 9 month project); Buying and selling Bishop Estate Leasehold property; Gaining access to a landlocked parcel. My most recent project has been to turn the homes on my property into condominiums through a process called Condominium Property Regime (CPR).
After the successful completion of this task I sold one of the homes with an acre as a condo and kept the other two on 5.5 acres. I now also own a very successful vacation rental which I am continuously re-modeling (view it atwww.konalighthouse.com )

All this has given me experience in obtaining building permits, cess pool permits, Ohana (additional) dwelling permits, caretaker dwelling permits and obtaining agricultural designations resulting in a 30% savings on property taxes. I have also personally won cases in Tax Appeal Court without the help of an attorney. I have ordered surveys and obtained easements and placed property in Land Trusts among many other things to numerous to mention.

Since I became a Real Estate Agent in 1990 I have assisted clients in obtaining financing, procuring owner financing, V.A. financing and 203K financing (borrow extra money to rehab). I have also participated in 1031 exchanges. I am a familiar face at the Building Department, the Planning Department, numerous Escrow & Title companies, Banks and Mortgage companies. Although I do a good part of my own construction work, I am also well connected to building contractors, electrical and plumbing contractors, excavation contractors, painting contractors, roofers and lawyers. I have personally installed solar electric systems and presently have both of my homes on the 5.5 acres running off solar only.

I am conveying all this to you because I feel that a buyer of Real Estate in today’s complicated society needs a Real Estate Agent who has had hands on experience in the field, not just someone who has passed a test but never owned property. I believe my experience can serve to take the worry out of any type of property purchase on the Big Island of Hawaii. You can rest assured that your interests will be safeguarded beyond the call. That is my pledge to you!

After I moved to Century 21 in 1999, and thanks to my many loyal clients, my production rose steadily to the point that in 2002, 2003 and 2004 I achieved the prestigious Centurion level of production in excess of seven million in sales each year (over $12,000,000 in 2004). But how many awards can a person garner until it’s time to move on? I received an offer from Koa Realty Inc. that I couldn’t refuse; so on October 3rd, 2005 I took the biggest leap of my life, from a corporate entity to a truly independent contractor. I am 60 years old, and prone to resist change, so it was no small step for me. When I left I had already reached the Centurion level of production and could have gotten another gold statue if I just stayed on three more months. But I feel that now I will be able to provide my clients with more personal and more professional service without the restrictions of the corporate yoke. I don’t need the award to do that!!

Koa Realty Inc. was started by two former century 21 Brokers who wanted to give agents an opportunity to more freely express their individuality. Each of these men was the best broker I had ever worked with in my years at Century 21 and I count both as my personal friends. Koa Realty Inc. is a company started by agents for agents, with the full support and expertise of former Century 21 brokers who have lived and worked in the Kona community for decades. Their idea has become so popular that they have had to expand their offices three fold since inception as agents are coming over in droves. I am proud to be a new member of such an organization and am looking forward to many more years of serving those who are following their dream of living in Paradise. My reward will be the joy my clients express when they finally realized that dream. Much better than a gold statue, don’t you think?!

Harry M. Pritikin