Working with a Real Estate Agent

10 Aug

HGTV and home renovation shows may be entertaining, but they’re not always accurate. In particular, most of them skip over the important ways real estate agents can help homeowners. In the real world, agents play a huge role in home … Read More »


26 Nov

CAN CANADIANS BUY PROPERTY IN HAWAII? Absolutely!  There are no special restrictions on Canadians for buying property in Hawaii.  You just have to decide for yourself if the exchange rate is favorable. If you want to make an offer on … Read More »

Custom List

14 Oct

In addition to the Daily UPdate broadcast email, I can also generate a one time Custom List of properties specific to your own personal set of parameters (criteria). The Daily UPdate just goes back 24 hours to catalog the most … Read More »

The Origin of the Shaka

9 Feb

This is the traditional “Hang Loose” sign you flash on appropriate occasions; generally with a flip of the wrist or shaking back & forth motion. I can mean “right on brah!”, “no worries”, “that’s cool”, “be cool”, “relax, brah” and … Read More »


19 Nov

Many people, including real estate agents, get the terms HOA and AOAO mixed up.  In fact, most aren’t even familiar with the term AOAO. HOA stands for Home Owner’s Association. In real estate this is strictly used for single family … Read More »

Do Condominiums Need to be Surveyed?

29 Sep

Recently I received this question: “Do Residential condominiums require a survey like gated community homes?”  The question actually requires answers on a couple of levels.  First of all, I have to assume the question is referring to the time when … Read More »